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Donation info

Post by Sir Werty on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:11 am

If you wish to donate you a free to do so. There are two ways of donating to Eden. Owners are Jack and Sir Werty
1. Rsgp, rs3 og oldschool
2. Paypal
Before donating contact a owner rank ingame
All rsgp will be collected by a Owner rank ingame
All paypal donations will go this email:
All rsgp donations will be collected by rs3: ali montana and for oldschool: sir vverty
All prices are set ingame. 1 Donor point = 50 cents, rs3 = minimum 20m and for oldschool 2m
2mil oldschool = 3 dollars or 6 points
20mil rs3 =5 dollars or 10 points

Donations will primarily fund vps, and a webhost

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