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Suggestions By Mcfish

Post by mcfish on Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:24 pm

First of all. Great job werty for putting this together. And................. who ever helped!

Its a great server but has alot of work to do before its freakin awsome,

I played for 2 days now, +- 10h.

I have ran in to some minor (huge) problems and points of irritation. I will sum them up here and you just see what ur gonna do about it.

(more s**t coming from my way) in this threat or a new or current one.

- Prices said in shop are way of what u get, (arcane. said :325m got 225m)

- Summoning better to use big bones instead of dragon bones.

- cant buy summ pouch in the brundt store or scrolls

- Summoning????? htf do i train that shit.

- Hunter. I spend like 2h training it. Got no money and level 82 that aint right. (more money or more exp plz)

- PKP chest, that shit is OP. I like to be rich and not do shit for it. But this is out of line.

- Staff, why you no talk to me??? iknow ur AFK but ur freakin staff. if ur on we want answers and help? Logg out or help man/girl cuz what u have right now is online staff that dont help or talk.

- Combat exp, to high

- Cooking exp vs fishing exp is a mess

- fishing exp tuna,3,5k swords 2,05k xD

- Slayer exp, Way to high,

- Firemaking doesnt work? on my pc tho

- Dungenering, Whats the point of that? when we have chest of PKP

- How the freaking fkk do i vote.

- Maybe put in a little quest.

-  constrution tell me how i train from 1 to 19? cuz i can only buy wood. i guess somewhere in the server there is a solution. But i cant find it and mods of admins cant help. Except for sir werty... Probs mate.

- Im a hard core grinder and grinding to get comp, not all freaking skills work or are solid, how do i get that.

Still not trying to piss u off or offend just trying to help, my way

McFish out! peace


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