Eden- Skilling

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Eden- Skilling

Post by Mr Bridmebaby on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:38 pm

Firstly- Eden Rsps has a really well-coded skills. Starting skilling isn't really hard. You just gotta find a teleport which is called "SKILLING TELEPORT" in your spellbook. Normal spellbook - Teleport "A", Ancients - "A" aswell.
If you're found your skilling teleport you clicking it and then opens the window with a lot of skilling places. Then you choose which skill you want to train and Click on that teleport. After you're choosen which skill u want to do, you gotta choose again which place you want to teleport. For example we have choosen Mining/Smithing teleport. and you gotta choose what level Mine/Smith u want to do. 1-60, 60-80 or 80-99. If you're choosen 1-60. that means in this place u can Mine/Smith a Rock/Bar from level 1 to highest level 60 which are Mihtril ores/bars. Goodluck Skilling !

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Re: Eden- Skilling

Post by mcfish on Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:12 pm

this tells me right ...... nothing.

Tell me how to train: firemaking, summoning

or tell me whats the best way to train anything.

This post aint about skilling. its about where to find the teleports to.

No offence but why dont u post whats needed to know instead of posting what we as in 99% of the future and current players know


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